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Welcome to Let’s Instruct Driving Instructor Academy – your route to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor and securing a guaranteed place with our ethical franchise!

Let’s Instruct Driving Instructor Academy has been established to give quality driving instructor training at the highest level. We will guide you through every step on the road to becoming a fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor. Training will be delivered by our top-quality trainers and you will be supported throughout your course.

The Tests

  • Theory Test Part 1 (100 Questions and a 14 Clip Hazard (Perception Test)
  • Advanced Driving Test Part 2 (Advanced One Hour Driving Test)
  • Test of Teaching Ability Part 3 (An Observed Driving Lesson)

The Cost

Full Course – from only £2100.00!

Spread the Cost – Pay as you go available.

Special Offer – Save £75.00

The Course – Let’s Instruct Driving Instructor Academy (LIDIA)

Part 1: The LIDIA Theory

The LIDIA Theory is broken into easy to follow ‘bite-sized’ sections to help you study, learn and understand. The syllabus of over 100 hours builds a comprehensive knowledge of the DVSA reference material and Driving Theory.

Our expert team is available to provide you with UNLIMITED support as you prepare and study for Part 1.

Part 2: The LIDIA Driving

The LIDIA Driving is broken into easy to follow ‘bite-sized’ sections to help you study, learn and understand. The syllabus of over 100 hours is designed so nothing is left to chance. With a step-by-step approach, we develop your knowledge using structured video tutorials and visual training systems all created by our experts.

Using our practical worksheets and structured exercises to guide you, you will build your skills and ability. To help you further, our expert training team provide UNLIMITED tutor support for Part 2 – we are always ready to help you. You can practise at times to suit you and remember that you can repeat the LIDIA course as often as you like – truly unlimited training and support.

Once the LIDIA course work is complete, we will assess your understanding and knowledge with one of our Specialist Trainers with 8 hours* of bonus in-car training.

Part 3: The LIDIA Course

The LIDIA course is once again broken into easy to follow ‘bite-sized’ step by step sections. Using comprehensive video tutorials, structured practise sessions, step by step visual training systems and coaching exercises, in the syllabus of over 100 hours you will cover: communication skills; route planning; pupil observation and assessment; basic coaching skills; the core competencies; fault identification and analysis; level of instruction; control of lesson; question and answer; feedback and encouragement. Once the LIDIA course work is complete, to develop and assess your understanding and knowledge, you will have up to 56 bonus hours* with one of our Specialist Trainer team.

You can repeat the LIDIA course as often as you like and remember that you can practise at times to suit you too. We are always ready to help you as our expert training team provides UNLIMITED tutor support for Part 3

In the unlikely event that you fail a test, we can provide further training with one of our Specialist Training Team and in the even more unlikely event that you should fail three attempts, we will provide full training at no extra cost to prepare for the process again.

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Training Reviews

  • "I previously trained with another ADI instructor who was based outside of Northampton and completed parts 1 and 2, however I was not feeling confident in all aspects of part 3 and believed that the instructors lack of local knowledge to be a factor. I therefore enquired with a local driving instructor to see if there was anybody more local that he could recommend..." Read Full Testimonial

    Clive Wright
    Clive Wright
  • "I have just passed my part 3 in Northampton after many enjoyable hours of training with Matt Stone of Let’s Instruct. If I had to do it all again I would use Matt, His style of teaching was perfect for my needs. Every session was relaxed and enjoyable, even when it was going horribly wrong, Matt recognised this and changed his..." Read Full Testimonial

    Adam Bagshaw
    Adam Bagshaw
  • "I cannot recommend Matt Stone enough for ADI training. After I failed my first part 3 exam miserably I started training with Matt, my confidence was at an all-time low and I was at a point where I was close to throwing in the towel, Matt quite literally picked me up, dusted me off and put me on the right track, he worked tirelessly..." Read Full Testimonial

    Sharon Goreham
    Sharon Goreham
  • “I have just completed my training with Let's Instruct to become a fully qualified ADI. Matt Stone was a fabulous trainer, he supported me when I found the going tough, encouraged me and believed in my abilities even when I doubted myself. He worked through the whole process from Part 1 - Theory, to the practical driving of Part 2...” Read Full Testimonial

    Fiona Clarke
    Fiona Clarke
  • "I started my Driving Instructor training with one of the large national driving schools and passed parts 1 & 2 with them. Whilst doing my initial 40 hrs training for my part 3 test I made the decision that I would go onto a PDI licence to continue my training rather than go straight in for my part 3 test..." Read Full Testimonial

    Peter Hulatt
    Peter Hulatt
  • "I was recommended to Matt by another instructor who was teaching my friend at the time. After some email correspondence Matt was quick to set up a meeting to discuss in detail what was required to succeed in passing the qualifying tests, and furthermore the company ethos and business model of let's instruct and how it compared to close competitors. I was also able to get answers..." Read Full Testimonial

    Shaun Farrington
    Shaun Farrington
  • "I'm still buzzing about my result can't believe I passed!! I would just like to say a big thank you to Matt for all his help. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again..." Read Full Testimonial

    Dan Woodall
    Dan Woodall

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