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Clive Wright said: “I previously trained with another ADI instructor who was based outside of Northampton and completed parts 1 and 2, however I was not feeling confident in all aspects of part 3 and believed that the instructors lack of local knowledge to be a factor. I therefore enquired with a local driving instructor to see if there was anybody more local that he could recommend. He advised me to approach Matt Stone who he described to be ‘the best instructor in the county’.

I found that I was not disappointed, I was impressed with Matt’s enthusiasm, local knowledge and level of technical awareness. After failing my first attempt at level 3, I subsequently started using Matt as my sole instructor as his instructing style was more suited to developing my confidence and learning new skills.

Matt was able to explain the aspects of level 3, that I had previously struggled with in a way which was easy for me digest and understand. Matt also helped me develop new skills by using convincing role play techniques together with the provision of excellent training materials. I found that if I made mistakes, Matt was able to clearly explain where I was going wrong and advise what areas I needed to focus on in order to improve.

I found that when the time came to take my second test I felt much more confident and prepared. Matt’s manner in his role as pupil is identical to examiner which really helped me to feel comfortable during the test. Matt is an excellent instructor and I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a mentor for those with aspirations of being an ADI.

I was delighted to pass my level 3 and am now looking forward to joining the team at Let’s Instruct. As a single father I am able to work flexible hours to fit around school holidays and childcare arrangements via a short term contract agreement. Matt’s friendly approach is reflected in the company ethos; team nights and informal meetings are arranged which allows for the opportunity to learn and pick up tips from more experienced instructors.”

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