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Shaun Farrington – “I was recommended to Matt by another instructor who was teaching my friend at the time.

After some email correspondence Matt was quick to set up a meeting to discuss in detail what was required to succeed in passing the qualifying tests, and furthermore the company ethos and business model of let’s instruct and how it compared to close competitors. I was also able to get answers to questions I had about what might be possible for me to achieve if I chose let’s instruct.

Satisfied that this would be a good career move for me, I was keen to get started with the qualifying process and wasted no time in booking an instructor theory test. To help with this Matt sent over a bundle of learning material which played a great part in helping me pass. The part two test got dealt with soon after and it was on to the final part.

I thought I knew plenty about driving, and how to drive, but only then it dawned on me, I had to be able to have the ability to transfer this knowledge to other people! So, with no background in teaching or anything requiring leadership skills, it was with some trepidation I went along to my first part three themed lesson. Within the first hour though, Matt’s light-hearted style and clear, concise methods gave me the confidence to realise that becoming an ADI could soon well be within reach.

After a few sessions Matt saw the potential in my ability to put me forward for a part three test. In the lead up to the test, training was carried out in a thorough, professional manner at all times and I felt well prepared and confident of passing.

Having passed all the qualifying tests first time, I was now excited to start my new career. The support I received starting the franchise was great. Matt was quick to supply pupils as soon as I was ready and the graduated start up fees meant I didn’t have to worry about making a loss in the first few weeks. My diary was filled quickly within three months despite it being around the quietest time of the year, Christmas.

Since then, I’ve never been short of work. If I do need some then all it takes is a quick text to Matt and I know I can rely on him to take care of the advertising and social media in order to generate business, so that I can just concentrate all my efforts into teaching.

The best part of being a franchisee is the freedom. The freedom to choose your own car, the freedom to be able to use your own creativity to offer clients a fresh, vibrant experience learning to drive.

Charging premium prices and offering no advertising gimmicks not only generates pupils committed to seeing the whole course through and not just ‘offer hopping’ ones, but makes sure I would be better off here than with the big companies or close competitors on income alone.

I would highly recommend let’s instruct to anyone thinking of starting a franchise or training to become an ADI because the academy is brilliant and the company is already well established and continuing to grow, I feel like it’s a hidden gem, there’s still plenty of potential left to tap into. Anyone joining the franchise can be highly confident of having the support and the tools to be successful and the ability to maximise their earning potential. Joining was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

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