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Previous Career:

You can rely upon Charles. He is a former police officer and an experienced trainer to law enforcement both in the UK and abroad.

Whatever your motivation our instructor Charles knows that learning to drive well will change your life forever. That’s why his aim is not just to coach you to pass a test, but to develop skills for life as a competent and safe driver.

Whether you can’t wait to get started, are excited or a little anxious, don’t worry as all are quite normal and Charles deals with that on a daily basis. He has a friendly and calm approach to teaching and adapts his tuition to suit every individual.

Pupil testimonials identify Charles as patient, clear, focused, quick to identify weaknesses, and inspiring in confidence. They find him comfortable, knowledgeable and fun to be with.

Driving Experience:

As a former local police advanced driver Charles knows the local routes well. He became a driving instructor having taught his own son.

He is an advanced driver accredited by The Royal Society of Prevention of Accidents and is a committee member of the Association of Driving Instructors National Joint Council.

Charles keeps up to date, using the latest coaching methods and is a fully qualified ADI approved by the DVSA.

Most Memorable Moment:

My role as family liaison officer to the Spencer family following the death of Princess Diana.

Teaching Vehicle:

Charles’ teaching vehicle is a Ford Focus – a funky little car that is easy to drive, very forgiving and perfect to learn to drive in.


Film – Top Gun
Food – Indian
Music – Varied female pop vocalists such as Bette Midler, Whitney Houston, and Sheridan Smith. Classical crossover artists such as Katherine Jenkins and Andrea Bocelli
Car – Aston Martin

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What Charles’ Pupils Say

  • “It’s overwhelming, emotional and a huge relief. I can now move forward with my life and work. Charles is calm, collected and very easy going which made me feel relaxed. He always made sure that things were clear and easy to understand. I would recommend him to everyone.”

    Drew Mclean
    Drew Mclean
  • “I’m very happy and relieved to have passed. It will give me more independence driving to and from work rather than relying on parents, buses and taxis! It will really change my life. Charles is really patient and teaches manoeuvres well (which is what I was worried about). He does all aspects of the test in lessons prior to test and goes through test routes. His car is nice to drive and he didn’t put pressure on me. Overall I was very happy with my experience."

    Georgia Marriott
    Georgia Marriott
  • “It feels amazing to pass my test 1st time. It’s going to have a massive change on my life. I won’t have to use public transport anymore (something I’ve done quite a lot). I would recommend Charles as an instructor because he is a very delightful person who gets along with everyone and is very easy whilst instructing”.

    Balbir Sandhu
    Balbir Sandhu
  • "I'm really happy to pass 1st time. It feels a weight's been lifted off my shoulders. Now I'll become more independent and have more time as I won't have to get public transport. I'd recommend Charles as he has a great experience on teaching and can give advice others might not. Also he was willing to teach on his day off to speed up my learning. Thanks Charles."

    Jacob Cox
    Jacob Cox
  • “It feels fantastic to have passed first time. I’m over the moon. I’m finally independent - no more asking for lifts from parents. I couldn’t of asked for a more knowledgeable, well prepared and all-round ‘Ace’ instructor than Charles - he’s 100% recommended”.

    William Gent
    William Gent
  • “It feels really good to pass. Surprising really. I can finally stop mooching. Charles got me to pass and at the same time the lessons were enjoyable. He has great experience overall. I would definitely recommend him.”

    Connor Ransford
    Connor Ransford
  • "It is such an amazing feeling to pass first time, not only because you can get in the roads much quicker, but also there is a lot of self satisfaction in knowing you passed first time. I would definitely recommend Charles because of his patience when you repeat the same silly mistakes and especially for his ability to explain things clearly."

    Andreea Miron
    Andreea Miron
  • “It feels a bit weird to pass but great! I won’t have to depend on my sister to take me places! Charles is lovely! He is very patient and always makes you stay positive! He always makes the lessons easy!”

    Ida Baranovska
    Ida Baranovska
  • “It is a relief to finally pass after all this time. I would recommend Charles as an instructor because he has very good patience and is very good at explaining how to perform the manoeuvres and other features correctly”.

    Maxwell Brown
    Maxwell Brown

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Pledge to Pupil:

I will support and coach you clearly to develop your confidence, competence and experience as a safe driver. Your lessons will be friendly and fun, whilst challenging and measured where necessary.

Postcodes Covered:

NN1, NN2, NN3, NN4, NN5, and parts of NN6 and NN7

Towns Covered:

Northampton and Surrounding Villages


Pay as you go – £29.00 per hour.

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