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Glenys Rowe – “Having previously franchised with a large well-known driving school I was feeling disappointed with my career as a brand new fully qualified driving instructor, this being my sole occupation.  I changed to a smaller more friendlier franchise and it was ok for a while then new students were no longer coming through.  After many sleepless nights over financial worry I spent the early hours searching on the Internet for a more successful franchise that I was convinced simply did not exist.  It was through one of my highly regarded Facebook contacts where I saw the name Matt Stone keep popping up and his company name of Let’s Instruct.  Around 02:30 every morning for a couple of weeks my eyes fell upon this name and the lovely things I was reading I thought could not be true.  I started to write the name and phone number down and was reluctant to make contact as I didn’t believe there could be a successful driving instructor business.  Well, I finally took the plunge and spoke with Matt Stone on one of my many days of sitting at home with no work.  This was the best phone call I ever made business wise.

From the second I spoke with Matt I began to believe there was success within the franchise world.  We chatted for quite some time then I sat for over an hour soaking in the knowledge that my world was about to change.  True to his word a day or so later lots of paperwork arrived detailing everything that would get me back into the loop of teaching.   Matt was in touch helping in his friendly encouraging approach & under no circumstances was he pushy – he was always working around my comfort zone.   We arranged to meet and talk through everything making sure I was happy to go ahead with the link.  Matt is most certainly true to his word and his advertising.  He is a good listener and the most approachable man I’ve spoken to.  He treats all his team as individuals and runs meetings every 2 months for catch up – everyone is made to feel most welcome. He supplies endless cups of tea and pastries over the meetings.  Good business is covered on these occasions and individual personalities come into play – such lovely meetings that always end on a happy note.

Even though I am not based local to Matt and the other instructors I have been welcomed into the fold and treated with the same friendliness and respect throughout.

My only regret is I wish I could have met this wonderful man earlier and I would have done all of my training with him from scratch as I know I would have had the best training anyone could ask for. He is very knowledgeable in his field, very fair and successful.

Matt keeps us all well informed & updated with any changes or new issues that may be of concern to us.  Whenever I’ve contacted Matt with a question he is so quick to respond giving sound advice and full support, not to mention the endless supply of students that keep the wheels rolling.

I have been on board with Matt and his team for 7 months now and I can confirm it has been the happiest time in my career to date.

Anyone looking to make a happy future in a franchise connection – seriously, you need to start right here with this lovely man – I guarantee you will not be disappointed!”

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