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Charles Moffat – “Let’s Instruct is a happy franchise. I never have to worry about keeping my book supplied with pupils at premium prices. This reflects the professional approach of all our instructors, constantly positive referrals from prior pupils and a strong local brand.

Matt Stone is great at doing all the marketing and dealing with new enquiries which lets me get on with what I’m good at.

A high-quality website and all marketing materials are provided. Not only is the time consuming, difficult end of the business sorted for me, but I have constant personal support from Matt throughout my two years with the franchise.

Could I do it all myself – probably; but my conclusion is that this franchise is excellent value, saved me time and I’d be worse off on my own – in many ways.” October 2014

“Then I tried it.  After almost two and a half years with Let’s Instruct, I set up my own driving school and ran it successfully for two years.  I saved about half my franchise fee and enjoyed developing the skills to do all my own marketing.  There was no shortage of work, I charged higher than average prices and I even thought about expanding.

However, I suffered a severe illness which hospitalised me.  Thankfully Matt Stone and his team are such nice guys that they still supported me, helping to get my pupils to test and to keep my business afloat.  Matt proved to be a very strong friend and supported me back into business as I recovered. Over the last year I came to realise how much I missed being part of a team in so many ways; professionally, socially and emotionally.   Depending upon your personality and life plan, the big wide world provides fantastic opportunities, but can be a lonely place needing very strong resilience.  Many of the services provided by a franchise, such as telephone handling, social media and marketing take up a lot of your time and although they can be outsourced at a price, a family run franchise like Let’s Instruct provides them all within one competitive franchise fee.

I now have a much broader view of the industry and recognise that for me the importance of being a team player, having professional support and getting my life back continue to make the Let’s Instruct franchise excellent value and a ‘no brainer’. I recommend them whether you want to be mentored through the initial stages of your business or are equally just happy to be part of a sustainable and ethical franchise.

Thank you, Matt.  I’m glad to be back.” January 2018

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